Modernizing new ways for credentialing, managing and tracking all your non-employee guests/visitors, vender, contractors, sub-contractors, service delivery personal, equipment installers…etc. is Green Security’s primary concentration to delivering real security. This is why Green Security has developed a smart phone app capable of scanning QR codes off the smart phone badge or hard badge for tracking to keep track of all your non-employee visitors/guests venders and all outside contractors. This technology allows your facility to know Who, When and Where these outside visitors are 24/7. Our mobile app integrates seamlessly with our background check and credentialing solution for real time tracking and data capture of all activity including check in and check out, duration and the ability to control access to secured areas or job sites.  Green Security will provide continuous improvements to our solutions and service offerings.

Technological Advances include:

  • Complete turn-key screening solutions
  • Credentialing completed by tenured background investigators
  • Process managed by a law enforcement professional
  • Visitor Management solution(Green-Pass)
  • Contractor, Vendor credentialing and tracking system
  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Mobile Apps integrate seamlessly with overall solution
  • 12 mega pixel badge photo for clear instant identification via smart phone (not poor quality paper badge photos).
  • Customized reports for who, when, where available on-demand, daily, weekly or on monthly basis
  • Built on enterprise level software architecture
  • Cloud based solution ensures reliability and scalability needed to handle large volumes of requests
  • Feature upgrades to stay ahead of the curve