Our Difference

What sets Green Security apart from the competition is our balanced blend of technology and industry experience. We have professional team members suited for each aspect of our products and services, varying from law enforcement to construction, our team members have a combined 60 years of total experience. When you combine that with our state of the art smart phone app and enterprise level software, the competition simply can’t keep up.


Advanced Security Solution

Hospitals, Colleges and Schools are high-risk environments where vendor and contractor access is largely not controlled, leaving these facilities vulnerable to security threats and ultimately liability and safety concerns.

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  • Allows management to track vendors and contractors at all times
  • Limited Access can be enforced
  • Individuals are electronically ‘tagged’ to provide immediate identification
  • Visitor Management System to register and track visitor activity
  • Customized background and credentialing program using Social Security validator screening
  • Ensures proper credibility, accreditation and training of vendors and contractors
  • Peace of Mind in an era of great uncertainty


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Green Security is an institutional safety company that combines credentialing and background investigation with advanced onsite technologies to limit and control contractor and vendor access.

Healthcare facilities that work with Green Security have direct access to advanced safety solutions, which offer accessible next-generation technology with smart-phone based QR and finger scanning capabilities

Contractors who are unqualified or improperly trained can expose the institution to tremendous risk, and may result in large penalties from the government agencies, tort liability from personal injury, and even criminal prosecution. Green Security reduces risk through credentialing by tracking and confirming contractors, sub-contractors and equipment installers have the required compliance documentation. This includes, but is not limited to, liability insurance, licenses, training, regulatory, safety training, certifications, policies and profiles. Green Security performs an advanced background and credentialing check, containing several additional layers of investigation compared to the standard process.

Current identification technologies do now allow the institution to control vendor and contractor access at the level needed in a high-risk environment. This means that trespassers and workers with malicious intent can access the institution. Green Security offers advanced onsite technologies to limit and control contractor and vendor access.

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Green Security offers a smart phone application that allows staff to spot check the identity, access limitations and credentialing of any contractor/vendor, featuring finger scanning and QR code badge scanning technology.


Green Security not only enhances safety at the educational and healthcare institution, the high-tech background, credentialing and identification solution results in significant cost savings:

  • Reduced Liability
  • Reduced costs of law suits and prosecution
  • Reduced cost of other onsite safety measures
  • Contractor time-on-job