Fingerprinting and QR Scanning

Fingerprinting eliminates fraud and cheating or the use of someone else’s badge, it helps uncover criminal history not discovered through traditional methods, offers extra protection to your staff and patients.

Green Security offers the first and only fingerprinting solution which is completely integrated into the background screening process. Our services include fingerprinting through digital collection that lets you know WHO, WHEN and WHERE a vendor or contractors is within your facility.

Benefits of Green Security fingerprinting service:

  • One vendor, one comprehensive report
  • Green Security’s solution initiates, tracks and reports all fingerprinting transactions
  • Digital Collection Sites: Healthcare facilities, work sites, offices…
  • Better process: Clearly identifies WHO is coming into your facility
  • Reports provided daily
  • Ability to adjudicate results using QR & Fingerprinting

Green Security’s Fingerprint Center offers operational support with dedicated resources available to help applicants with fingerprinting logistics.