Green Pass ™

Green Pass-Badge™ Visitor/Guest Management System is a cost effective software solution designed to register and track visitor activity. Visitors can be pre-enrolled or scanned at registration or entry. When an incident occurs, could you look back at to determine exactly who entered your building, and why?

  • Capture visitor information and check people in
  • Instantly create a paper visitor badge with photo
  • Classify each visitor and company name
  • Run a sex offender check instantly
  • Ability to add an Internal Watchlist
  • Run a complete visitor history report daily, weekly or monthly
  • Peace of mind of knowing everyone who entered your facility 24/7
  • Updated 2-3 times a year to stay up to date with DMVs formats, etc.
  • NOTE* this process does not PROTECT your Hospital from individuals with a criminal history.

GreenPass System