International Searches

Green Security conducts background searches on an international basis, and with the advent of our IVAN™ technology, employment and education verifications can be conducted across the globe faster than through a traditional call center.

We offer clients a full suite of worldwide applicant screening services in any country in the world where data can be legally obtained. Coverage includes service to Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, North America and Europe. International background checks require different training, knowledge, and access to in-country information resources in each country.

Once armed with information such as relevant country, type of applicants, for example U.S. Expatriate, U.S. Resident Alien, Foreign National, type of positions, location of intended employment, and types of international requests, our Data Protection Specialists can customize a screening program tailored to meet your organization’s needs, and reflect adherence to a given country’s employment and privacy legislation.

  • International Criminal Court Records or International Police Records where applicable
  • Motor Vehicle Records Checks
  • International Drug Testing Network
  • International Credit History
  • International Consumer Credit Report (in lieu of credit history. Basically pulls all civil records)
  • International Civil History / Litigation / Bankruptcy Checks
  • International Civil Court Records
  • Passport Authentication
  • International Address Verification
  • International Education Verifications
  • International Employment Verifications
  • International Professional Qualification & Credential
  • International Reference Checks
  • Regulatory Authorities Check
  • Corporate Scandals & Terrorist Financing Check
  • Foreign Newswire Service, Media Search

Availability, data & forms required, data privacy laws and pricing may vary by country.