All Non-Employees

Green Security™ is an institutional safety company that combines credentialing and background investigation with advanced onsite technologies to control, manage, and monitor the access of ALL non-employees.




Advanced Technologies

Smart Phone Technology

Utilize smart phones for scanning vendors, mobile checkin, and security audits at your facility.

Temp Scanning

Touchless temperature scanning with audible and visual alarms to keep your facility safe.

RFID Integration

Integrate credentialing data with your facility's door access system for increased security.

Our Services


Manage, track, background check, and credential ALL non-employees entering a hospital or K-12 school 24/7 including visitors/guests, vendors, and ALL contractors (equipment installers, food delivery personnel, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, IT installers…etc). Keep all your facilities emergency prepared knowing instantly who, when, and where your non-employees are 24/7 within any of your facilities. Track and report the date and time that each non-employee checks in and out of any of your facilities, what areas they visited, and who they met while there.

What Makes Us Different

We are passionate about our customers and everything we do is geared towards them!


Fully Validated Background

Annual national, county-level, criminal, and OIG Sanctions checks


Easy To Use Calendar
Set invites, standing appointments & more


System, Facility and Department Level Management
SAS70 and 256-bit SSL encryption


Enterprise Safety Solution
Manage all non-employees (vendors, contractors, visitors, etc.) across your entire system.

A Few of Our Clients

Baptist Health Arkansas
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Massachusets General Brigham
Mayo Clinic
Tampa General
Temple Health
Texas Children's
Rush Chicago
Westchester Medical Center
Northshore University Healthsystem
Novant Health
Valley Children's Healthcare