Mobile Checkin

Prior to utilizing the mobile check-in feature for Green Security, configure your phone by following the steps below:

For iOS: There is a dedicated mobile app for iOS.

  • Install the Green Security app from the Apple App Store.
  • Verify the following settings are set:
    • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > On
    • Settings > Green Security > Location > "While Using the App"
    • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Green Security > "While Using"

For Android: You can utilize mobile checkin by using your mobile browser.

  • Go to your Android phone Settings > Location.
  • Move the slider to "On".

When visiting the facility, utilize the mobile check-in using the following steps:

  • For iOS: Open the Green Security app.
  • For Android: visit
  • Log-in.
  • Choose Mobile Check-in from the menu.
  • Allow the app to use your location.
  • Click the “Check In” button beside the location which you’d like to visit. Your ability to check in at any particular facility is dependent on your location.
  • Present the scan-in result to the attendant at the Main Desk.